Saturday, December 7, 2013

Day 4 ('13-'14)

Someday I'm going to learn to not expect mid-season conditions in an early season setting. Today was not that day. The 'Bird proved to have some great new snow, I know because it was blowing full-force into my face and making Regulator Johnson more of a ski-by-braille situation than I would have liked. The weather did have a pleasant surprise in store: OAT (outside air temp) was higher than expected (double digits positive at the base), but unfortunately wind-chill still made things chilly; especially chilly for those of us who only had their spring gloves (i.e. not arm enough). 2 runs seemed like plenty for me, since the conditions were meh and I was up there alone. Now the debate becomes to ski or not to ski tomorrow; it's looking breezy/gusty again and super fucking cold, but I want the pow. First world problems, I guess.

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